Week 3 Term 2

Week 3 sees us continuing on from last week's activities. PRE-PRIMARY Learning Intention Students will be able to: Understand that stories from the past may differ depending on who tells them.  Identify major stages in their lifetime.  Sequence major stages on a timeline. Go to  this link You will need to access the page using a pass code: 9755 . S croll down to the Foundation lesson called " Stories from the Past " and click on the picture. You will see several pages in the lesson. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the stimulus resources. This is where you find any video links referenced in the pages of the lesson. Start the lesson with the Page 1 activity (click on Page 1 to enlarge). Work through each of the pages in the lesson and either print or create your own version of the activity on page 5. 45 minutes can be allocated for this task, and can be broken into several time chunks. Please only complete what you can in this time. Feel

Week 2 Term 2

Welcome to Week 2 everyone. History is talking about people and places in the past.  Last week we had a brief look at the history of ANZAC Day and how sharing history helps us to understand how our past influences our present and allows us to tell the same stories over time. The activities for the junior years this week dig a little into family histories. For our older students, we are going to start looking at community, national and global histories.    PRE-PRIMARY How does my family tell me about the past? Students develop an understanding that stories of the past can be communicated through oral histories, photographs, books and digital media. Learning Intention Students will be able to: ● Understand that families have a past.  ● Investigate how we can learn about the past by analysing different sources.  ● Share an object (artefact) from their own past.  ● Discuss why it is significant. Go to  this link You will need to access the page using a pass code: 9755 .

Week 1 Term 2

Welcome to Term Two HASS! Our focus across the school for Week One is ANZAC Day. Some of you may have participated in the "Driveway Dawn Service" on Saturday. ANZAC Day is an important part of Australia's History. All students should watch the following video before undertaking the task for their year level described underneath.  Lest We Forget. Watch "Here They Come": PRE PRIMARY and  YEAR 1 How do people interact with each other in an Anzac Day march? Watch the following video story. Parents, please start the video at 1 minute 48 seconds. Choose an image from the Story My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day by Catriona Hoy and Benjamin Johnson and ask your child to imagine what is happening. Consider what the characters are doing and where they are on Anzac Day. Discuss what the changing  facial expression tell us on each page.  Why might those characters feel that way? Explore different ways the characters interact in the scene. Can you